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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Funding for Enterprise Education is no longer a barrier

With the government calling for young people to be trained in Enterprise Education- in order to drive economic growth, there is need for urgent action! Yet with already overburdened budgets, where can you get the funding?

Funding Help is at hand!
Until March 2011 £15 million has been made available for Enterprise Education in Primary Schools and Further Education colleges. This money is for the:
delivery of enterprise education through Enterprise Learning Partnerships, the London 2012 Education Programme and Young Chamber UK.”  (1)

This is on top of the existing £55 million, which is already allocated to secondary schools.

 In the Higher Education sector:
there will be a £2 million expansion of the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship’s (NCGE) “Flying Start” programmes to support current students and recent graduates to set up their own businesses. In 2010/11, these programmes will be made available in all English universities.” (1)

So funding is not a barrier to schools and colleges providing valuable enterprise projects and programmes. The government is providing funding for enterprise- for these educational organisations to use as they think best.

The Future is Bright
What is more, it looks like this funding is set to continue. The DCSF paper “Guidance for Commissioning and Funding Education Business Partnership Services in 2010-11” states: 
The National Council for Education Excellence recommended that the Government and local authorities should ensure that there is universal access to high quality education business brokerage in every area.”(2)

Why choose the Yes 12 Step Programme?
There are many providers of Enterprise training out there. The Yes 12 Step programme is very different. It starts with the students- helping them to work out what they really want to do, building their confidence and then helping them to make their dream a reality. What a wonderful gift to give our students.

What is more, by offering the YES programme students cannot lose - because they will be learning  the skills and mindsets they require to set up their own business or t get a good job.

2.www.teachernet.gov.uk/publications, Search Ref:DCSF-01144-2009