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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Britain needs your help to grow again

A YouGov online poll of business leaders found that 70% of them attribute a lack of entrepreneurial experience amongst educators as a major reason for youngsters not making their business ideas a reality. (YouGovStone Ltd)

As the economy starts to pull itself out of recession, the Government is placing great emphasis on our young people’s energy and ideas to help to grow the economy, create new jobs and take us towards a prosperous future. Yet without training, how can they stand a chance. The government and your country need your help.

Building confidence to start their own successful business
More than 50% of young people say they would like to start up their own business but less than 1% actually do. Statistics show that good enterprise education would double that percentage.

Just starting a business will not be enough. A large percentage of new businesses fail. So we also need to teach our young people how to turn their business ideas into vibrant, profitable, successful businesses.

Enterprise Students are taught how to build successful businesses:
They learn how to:
·  Work out what they really want to do
·  Present themselves well
·  Lead effectively
·  Manage challenge
·  Handle finances
·  Turn their idea into a viable business

Enterprise Training stops young people from falling into long term employment.
The CMI believes teaching students business skills is the way forward. As part of its Manifesto for a Better Britain, the CMI states:
We support efforts to prevent a generation of young people from falling into long term unemployment.....Equipping school and university leavers with skills that employers need will be vital for future economic growth." (1)

The DCSF paper “Guidance for Commissioning and Funding Education Business Partnership Services in 2010- 11" (2) states that Work Related Learning (WRL) opportunities
can include multiple, shorter duration work experience placements and work tasters with different employers, projects linked to a relevant part of the school curriculum based on real issues faced by employers, workplace visits, talks by employers explaining the world of work, business mentoring programmes, competitions and enterprise education activities.” The choice is yours.

The fact is, enterprise education is so important. With it students who cannot see employment opportunities are setting up successful businesses and those who want to work for someone else, are winning employment far more easily.

The YES 12 Steps to Success programme delivers exactly what the Government, CMI and WRL are calling for. What is more, it will give your young people the best opportunity to be in the exactly the right place for the future! Without it, they just do not have the training to deliver the growth our country needs.

(1) Petra Wilson, Director of Policy and Research, CMI
(2) www.teachnet.gov.uk/publications Search ref:DCSF - 01144-2009