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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Vision and Dreams

‘Inspirational’ – a much touted word these days.  We hear about people who have done remarkable things in the face of adversity, from unbelievable physical achievements to astonishing feats of endurance.  Perhaps we personally don’t particularly want to climb a mountain or trek through the Sahara.  However we do want to achieve ‘stuff’.

What these amazingly inspirational people have in common behind all these physical achievements, is a particular mental attitude and self-belief, a mind-set where they are able to believe in not just the possibility, but the actuality of they themselves doing and achieving certain things.

Most of us go through life with a reasonable self-knowledge and some idea of what we believe we are capable of.  But we tend to avoid what we think we won’t ‘do well’ at because of our perception of our life situation and abilities.  So how do we move towards the approach adopted by those inspirational speakers?

As kids we do a lot of big stuff without thinking – learning to walk, to speak a language, to try new experiences, climb trees, explore places, take risks, be curious and ingenious.  And so our world grows, but as we get older we become less adventurous, more circumspect, we build defences and boundaries.  Basically we become more realistic.  This is good, and sensible.  But it should not stop us from venturing into new areas and it should not take away that drive to move forward that is innate in us all as children.

A sense of realism is necessary to achieve what we really want.  But we also need to have vision and passion, dreams and aspirations, to know we can turn our dreams into reality.
“To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but believe”.  Anatole France

If we accept this dreaming into our lives we are then expecting the positive and if we expect the positive, energy flows and things happen, our self-belief grows and we become achievers.