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The business bit: I have had 25 years experience in the IT sector encompassing equipment finance to computer recycling. The coaching bit: is about delivering business mentoring and personal performance coaching. My clients range from senior executives to the unemployed and I delight in working with them all to build excellence and promote growth. My specialisms are working with business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and enjoy themselves in the process, and helping individuals to realise their full potential. I also work with young people to build confidence and life skills so they can grasp life's opportunities and make the right life choices.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Yes to the 12 Steps to Success

Wow, what a great week at Wiltshire Council with the young group from the Future Jobs Fund. Well, I was only there for half the week but it was energising to see the 12 Steps to Success being so well assimilated.

And what a shame that the Future Jobs Fund is not open to new applications any longer. Just as well we have the 12 Steps to Success ready to take into schools and colleges to help people in that most important of decisions - what to do with their lives. There is so much entrepreneurial potential in our young people and we only need to allow them the opportunity to test it out, explore their possibilities and passions and build independence for them to start out on their own, either in business or in their future career.

Well done and all the best to Alexis, Nathan, James, David, Chris, Sara, Ryan and Fatna. It was a privilege to work with you all!