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The business bit: I have had 25 years experience in the IT sector encompassing equipment finance to computer recycling. The coaching bit: is about delivering business mentoring and personal performance coaching. My clients range from senior executives to the unemployed and I delight in working with them all to build excellence and promote growth. My specialisms are working with business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and enjoy themselves in the process, and helping individuals to realise their full potential. I also work with young people to build confidence and life skills so they can grasp life's opportunities and make the right life choices.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Being 'nice' AGAIN...

It's official (again).  Being nice and agreeable doesn't pay.  We've been told that 'agreeable' people on average earn less promotions and pay-rises than  disagreeable people.  A year ago I blogged about Martin Kihn's "I got Rich and Happy by Not Giving a S*** About You'.  Seems nothing's changed....

No, no, no!  We are not taking that sitting down. It isn't 'niceness', it's how good you are at putting your case or fighting for your promotion/pay rise/right to reply etc.  So it's really about being STRONG.  Heed that!