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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Holiday Freedom?

How many times have you wanted to unleash unspeakable violence on your holiday partner’s Blackberry/iPhone/Android/ while trying to relax on a tranquil beach enjoying your holiday?  Or maybe it is you sitting/lying there with your fingers welded to the keypad, your ear finely tuned to the gentle insistent ringing of your mobile, not able to chill as you need to be on alert in case  ‘the office’ should call.

Heard of the Workcation?  Some of the 72% of business owners that can’t take time off without leaving their work behind are now taking these, just so they can keep an eye on their businesses.  Goodness, what are we becoming? Addicted to ‘noise’, constantly in ‘plugged in’ mode, making up things to think about in case we catch ourselves not thinking about things to think about?

Mindfulness is trendy now.  In a business context it has been shown that increases in mindfulness are associated with increased creativity and decreased burnout and an increase in productivity. [1] [2] In the education field studies presented in The Power of Mindful Learning [3] show that increasing mindfulness in learning, be it academic subjects, sport or music, encouraged  participants to use objects more creatively  and move away from mindsets that hamper competence in learning.  One study demonstrated that telling people to mindfully notice new stimuli improved attention and memory.

Let’s reframe the way we are when we are supposedly ‘on holiday’.  Freeing our minds, finding that freedom and personal space we used to have years ago before the digital age forced us to be constantly accessible to everyone 24/7. Let’s learn to stop, disengage and chill.  Replace the digital with daydreaming, the internet with introspection, texting with taking time out,  emailing with easing off , messaging with mindfulness.  Not only will we find ourselves being much more energised and creative when we return to work, we will be a far nicer person to be with on holiday! 

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