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The business bit: I have had 25 years experience in the IT sector encompassing equipment finance to computer recycling. The coaching bit: is about delivering business mentoring and personal performance coaching. My clients range from senior executives to the unemployed and I delight in working with them all to build excellence and promote growth. My specialisms are working with business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and enjoy themselves in the process, and helping individuals to realise their full potential. I also work with young people to build confidence and life skills so they can grasp life's opportunities and make the right life choices.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


What is this?

Radio 4 PM programme yesterday referred to research about how when men open doors or give up their seat for women they are indulging in benevolent sexism which is a form of domination by the implication that women are somehow less able or vulnerable.

What do you think?

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Uncertainty in the Workplace

We are working in uncertain and changing times. Where once we had longer careers, security of tenure and a culture of entitlement, in the current economic downturn we are seeing  more redundancies, lower salaries and benefits and higher living costs.  On the one hand employees can feel isolated, insecure and draw into themselves and on the other, employers are battling with employee retention while streamlining in order to remain productive and profitable.

Uncertainty has the power to trigger fear, defensiveness, lack of self-worth, stress and anxiety, relationship issues, and to adversely affect efficiency and productivity.  Managing and recognising the journey of uncertainty, its emotional content and how to 'sit' with it can help us to identify measures to reduce its negative impact for employers and employees, turning it from a potentially destructive force into an opportunity. 

Isla will be speaking on this theme at the next Mindful Employer Network meeting on July 14th at Thring Townsend in Swindon. Also at the event  Jonathan Naess and Anna Kavanagh from Stand to Reason will be looking at the role of line managers on mental health in the workplace.

And if you want to explore how to deal with uncertainty in the workplace do get in touch with us.